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#64056 - Merik and Rikimarue watch as The ten Orcs swarm Ayame, three Orcs are raping her mouth, ass and pussy so hard, fast and deep and she's masturbating another two Orcs. Rikimarue says She probably is broken but I have this feeling that the first chance she gets she'll try to escape with her Orc Son , Merik says I see your point, well we'll just have to test her and see what she does . The Orcs all laugh, some of them saying Stupid whore , others saying What a dumb cunt , One Orc steps forward and says The Human female who gave birth to me was captured by some Orcs and kept in a basement, they gangraped and impregnated her and she gave birth to me and when I was old enough I raped her myself and would join the other Orcs when they gangraped her .

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