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#217136 - I on the other hand was very lucky and did good in life. As the years passed I ended up getting divorced, my ex-wife got the kids , since I was doing so good, I bought a big house and invited Sara and her kids to move in , and also Kim for whom I build a special apartment next door connecting to the main house. Sara continued to ride me I continued to have fun with her breasts and every now and then I would look at Kim, Sara sped up each time faster and faster, she held me and buried her finger nails in my shoulders and then relaxed- hmm that was a good one- she told me, she just stayed still, she got up and laid on the floor with her legs opened, I followed her lead and before I knew it I was on top of her and in her, she wrapped her legs around me- your trying too hard, just get a rhythm and keep going, you don’t have to push so hard your inside me-she told me,-I listened to her –that’s it good boy keep it up- I did, I started to kiss her breasts again, Sara held them and guided

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Holy fuck what an amazing shaking orgasm