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#185295 - And she sat back down again now saying you very ingenuous son of a bitch how did you do that? Then getting back into her position and opening her legs wide again I led Big Boy right up between them now with perfect aim with his snout to have him neither bend down nor have to reach up to lick her! It was then that the nervousness sat in with her; As she realized that his huge body was making her look so tiny and insignificant. The whole time Mutt Mutt just lays there looking about without a care in the damn world and while she had gone outside I had felt so compelled to say to him; Are you ready to get some pussy tonite boy? All he seemed to do was shake that god awful tail of his letting me know he knew I was talking to him but no other response was shown by him. There was nothing said, nothing anything except her outright without any verbal thing, laying on the breeding seatie naked as can be and awaiting her newly found luvr

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She s a that hoe over there hoe lmao