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#408552 - Oh what the heck I thought, why not do the same for rebel, after all he has the same bits as me, I leaned over and stuck the tip of my tongue on his cock, then pulled back in fear of him biting me, but he just lay there oozing white clear liquid, mm nice I though, he has lots of pre cum, I got back down and started licking and sucking on his cock, all the while he was pumping his pre cum in my mouth, which I now know was his actual cum, after several minutes of this, rebel squirmed and I pulled my mouth from his cock, he stood up and went behind me, I though he was finished, but he began sniffing at my butt, again this was all new, exciting but new, I let me legs open slightly to let him sniff around, when I felt his tongue touch my bum hole, wood was all I could whisper I parted my legs , put my head on a pillow and raise dup for him to lap away, I was almost coming, I slid a hand under me and started winking off, and a few more laps of rebels tongue and whoosh I was Cumming, harder t

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