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#95117 - There was no longer any doubt in Leo’s mind that I could be faking. At first I thought he was going to go run and tell someone and I was ready to pull up my pants and just pretend nothing happened but when I saw him turn and look both ways down the hall and closed the door then turn back to me looking super excited, I could only imagine the thoughts going through Leo’s head thinking he actually managed to hypnotize me. I opened my eyes just enough to make it look like they were still closed and looked at Leo’s face as he stood up with my sperm sticking to his face and dripping from his nose and chin, “pull up your pants” he commanded calmly with a serene look on his face, I did as told and pulled my boxers and pants back up and watched as Leo turned and went to the door and peeked out looking up and down the hall as he did before then he left leaving me alone closing the door behind him, I couldn’t tell if he went into the bathroom or into his room but I heard a door close.

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