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#175881 - We got to the first house and screamed trick or treat, a man came out and handed out a handful of candy to each of us, sally asked the man for more and when he said no sally pulled the sports bra down to reveal her boobs, the man was awestruck at this little nympho flashing her tits and she repeated in a seductive tone can we have some more candy please, I was left with my jaw hanging open as she tweaked her nipple as he filled our bags with two more hand fulls, she pulled up her top and grabbed my hand leading me to our next house, after eight or nine houses, sally pulled my v down and poped my boobs out for a woman as she answered the doorCan we have extra candy we playfully asked as sally continued to play with my boobs, the woman looked around and said ill give you two handfuls if you finger her, sally lost to her greed of candy reached around me and pulled up my dress to reveal my blue panties then with the other hand she reached in between my legs from behind and rested her palm

Read Nurse As You Wish - Pripara Squirters As You Wish

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