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#311806 - I was a ’dual threat’ or even a ’triple threat’ if you consider my mouth! How does one tell one’s lover that ‘ass-fucking’ is a special delight or that the family pet, hopefully a largeish dog, is one of a girl’s choices? Hmm. A few nights later, the same kind of noises except louder…I decided to take a peak…I know it was naughty but I crept silently out onto the balcony and peaked in their bedroom…Dad had a stiff long cock and my Mom was working on it with her hands…playing with him…laughing and then putting her face down, kissing his penis, letting it slip in and out of her mouth…Dad was holding her head down and playing with her hair and ears…she would look up from time to time…he had a huge smile and lifted his bottom pushing his penis into her mouth and then those familiar noises of “YES…YESS!” He pushed his penis deep and she had creamy stuff running out of her mouth on to his penis…she played with him again and he got limp…I didn’t know why but it all excited me seeing the

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Glad all is well with the baby great hentais one upside to not being pregnant anymore is that you can do some more period hentais
So sexy babe
Miss doublefinger
Love this keep it natural and fun and real no fakeing it ty
Megumi amatsuka
Older women are so sexy she gets me hard