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#364877 - As they rested one of them said, when do we get to see the animal show, both girls told them they had been fucked several times earlier in the night, this seemed to upset them, so Joy stood and walked over to the frame, Blacky was walked up, his cock ready once more, as the guys all cheered her on, he mounted his bitch. As the dog picked up pace, Jan made all sorts of noises, her orgasm taking her to new heights once more, some of the guys used her mouth to empty more cum from their balls, while others lay under her playing with her huge swing tits, then the knot went in, Jan made one last loud moan as he shot his load deep inside her ass, by now her ass was so loose his cum leaked out from around his cock. Jan then lay on the frame, and one of the dogs brought up, her ass quickly became his bitch as he rammed the full length in first go, his knot close to going in too, the guys once more cheered her on, this seemed to stir Jan up who now squirted her love juice out to show her

Read Boyfriend 3-nin de Suru? Uncensored 3-nin de Suru?

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