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#345768 - It turned me on, on the thoughts of him fucking another guy, he is muscley average height, and with a strong manly grip, he had a 20 cm cock, shaved and cut. So the time has come, I was in a vest with some thingt shorts on so that the guy could see the outlines of my ass, he was hot, 40 years old, bold, some body hair and a 18 cm dick, he seemed perfect with his a bit chubby body, he kissed me for a long time, i was rubbing my cock with my ass as I sat on his knee, i could feel the great erection wanting to come out of his pants. My dad was a wiered person at that moment, he stopped watching hot girls when they walked passed him and when he went to the gym he went to the open showers for a longer period of time, I always joined him but I noticed that he started to look at mens ass and there cocks he usually got half an erection.

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