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#238458 - I vaguely remember puking in the street on the way back to my dorm, walking Jess to her boyfriend’s room, and then waking up the next morning in my roommate’s bed with both of us naked, neither of us remembering how we got their or what happened (luckily we had hooked up before so it wasn’t too awkward). I always pee in the shower – it saves the water of flushing a toilet if you pee before a shower, and it all goes to the same place right? Apparently Jess is not a regular “shower pee-er” as she so put it, though she did pee during that shower. That was apparently why she had worn the panties she had – I guess the lacy feel of them inside is better than any others in her experience.

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This was retarded
Haruko akagi
Salieron todos los pito chico re enojados jajajaja