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#35707 - With a smile, the Deputy Principal got dressed, and then gave me a lingering French kiss before Ms Templeton unlocked the gym door and the older woman slipped away. ’ ‘That’s OK!’ I smiled brightly, and then gushed on, refusing to acknowledge a sudden twinge of doubt: ‘I got your note, and here I am, just as you said – look, no panties!’ And then, to a shocked gasp from the teacher, I pulled up the front of my cheerleading skirt to reveal my naked cunt – which for some time now I have kept smooth-shaven, so every detail was clearly visible – and then I did a little pirouette, the skimpy mini-skirt flying around my hips as I twirled round, ending with my back towards Ms Templeton.

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Itachi uchiha
Doubtful most people have jobs and want to keep it discreet and private for their sake and their families sake
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