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#164157 - “My boyfriend will be here in 7 minutes, I gotta look like I didn’t just get fucked!” “Was it that bad?” I asked wondering if she didn’t enjoy it as much as I had thought “Are you kidding me that was the best I’ve ever had! If I were you I’d make sure your phone is always on in case I wanna make a booty call!” she said with a wink I only laughed “Okay, well since you promised me your body until your boyfriend came I believe you owe me a blowjob. I opened the door and wrapped my arms around her waist and began to unbutton her pants. I sat down on the bed staring at the girl I could only dream of having sex with was standing in front of me bare naked playing with her assets.

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Hatsuho kazami
I wanna pound these little whores
Fleur blanc
Like if u wanna fuck me