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#366787 - I pull her mouth off my cock by her hair and kiss her again passionately, she responds by sticking her tongue in my mouth, I pull away and say “put my cock in your cunt” and without hesitation she positions her cunt over my cock and starts rubbing her slit over my bell end, then the head slides in, then half, the rest after a few strokes. This would be the first time I carried out my promises. I say “that’s it baby ride my cock, does it feel good baby” she is panting “god yes, I can feel it in my stomach, I love this cock so much” She is riding furiously now as I say “where shall I cum baby” she spits the answer now “in my cunt, deep in my fertile cunt, breed me you dirty bastard, come on fuck me” that sends me to the edge as I throw her off me on to the settee climb on top of her missionary position, hold her hair as I drive my cock back in her cunt “I’ll fuck you slut, you are now my cum bucket whore, ready to get pregnant” I am now slamming my cock in her pulling her hair, bit

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