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#118439 - Becka was most reassuring and said she had friends that could go on my behalf and reapply through the U S Embassy in London and once they explained it had been stolen, in a few days would have the required temporary papers, and a new passport. They have had incredible sex on New Years with Diana dressed in next to nothing at expensive hi class hotels, that always seems to end with hot nasty sex, and not always with her husband! He knows that by sending her off to experience this fantasy of hers he is taking the risk and chance of loosing her forever? But he loves her so much it is a chance he is willing to take! This is for her happiness, and sexual well being, as he wants her to enjoy the kind of sex that he and most white husbands are incapable of giving. But his real prowess is his ability to both pleasure and abuse women sexually, and on top of that he is insatiable.

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