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#196055 - Hers was just so fresh, you would think it was expired. I stopped jerking wanna blow me lisa???? ummm maybe only if lisa will, ill go get her okay I really did not want Nikki to come because she was a transsexual this ment she had a penis, but she is still very attrative withC-cups blonde hair and was skinny Hey whats up, lisa said you wanted me?? Nikki said Ya i want your buldge excuse me Ya you heard me Lisa was just shuting the door and I was already stripping, same with lisa come'on Nikk Lisa said okay and she stripped down to her bra and her g-string dont just just stand there Pete you have to blow me first I really did not want to because I felt it was gay. Why don't we all just get a good night sleep Okay Mom love you, and can Nikki sleep in my room tonight, we had so much fun Can I come Lisa said Ya sure threesome that would be awesome I said Okay but wear these mom handed us condoms we have to play it safe from

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Wang yi
Wow this is stunning made me wet
Who is this guy
Kanako urashima
Love the cum shower she looks hot covered in it
Kusuo saiki
So fucking hawt
Musae koyama
Why is this so funny to me hahaha