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#364771 - '' Thankfully some of Sam's confidence was returning ''well tell me you like it and tell me how it makes my tits look good'' Sam stared at them admiting to himself they did look good when he caught what he was doing, this was his COUSIN after all, ''well Linda it's very nice but your my cousin so i think i should leave and let you get changed'' As Sam stood up the leave there was suddenly a very big smile on Linda's face ''Did I do that?'' Sam didnt even need to ask his eyes shot down and saw what he feared a raging hard on ''Linda i'm'' ''It's fine in fact that has just made up for my shitty week'' ''why what's'' ''ooo just another prick who just wants in my pants'' all Sam could reply was''o'' ''Why can't guys be more like you Sam, i mean im standing here in my

Read Money Talks [ampullaria] Kao pai munni ~yu ~! - Original Bra Kao pai munni!

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