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#47348 - ” The sphere glowed and he was suddenly transformed into a gorgeous man, the envy of every male model and A-list movie star, and between his legs was an 18 inch dick that was about one inch around. It was wet and had a frog in it. Kevin slowly got out of his seat and stared at the sphere, “What… are you?” The sphere buzzed around him for a moment, “I am an advanced computer AI with the ability to manipulate matter and energy at a subatomic level.

Read Guy Belly Punching by K-Ta Daisaku Puto Belly Punching by K-Ta Daisaku

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Leia rolando
I do not know if i harden or laugh
Wow she is so hot
Sakuya shirase
I bet she loved taking that huge load
Tour guide from the underworld
Looking at her putting that large dildo in her ass made my pussy so wet