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#294671 - I look at the clock its three pm already I rush in a shower to get ready to meet him, I tie my hair up in a pony tail to save me time washing it. ’ ‘Lexi will you meet me now? Please!’ ‘ Um…I can’t, I don’t think we should meet outside of class again, I mean you’re my professor and I’m your student it should stay that way shouldn’t it?’ he pauses thinking about what he can do to persuade me to change my mind. I start unbutton his black shirt as I am getting into the atmosphere of what's happening, he suddenly breaks the lip lock session and heads south, reaching my heaving chest he pulls my t-shirt off and starts to tease my already erect nipples, twirling his tongue around the pale pink of my areolas, sucking on my nipple and even nibbling on them ever so gently, as I start to moan he realises who he is with and pulls away from my breasts, letting go of my ass as he has to figured out what he has just done.

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Trying to hide from the camera ain t goin outside today finish lyrics