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#379476 - I couldn't believe my ears ,like always?? What did that mean,I didn't have to wait long to find out,my wife said You know I'd like it more often but there's only so many times I can sneak out of the house,or when he's not here,so I'm afraid once or twice a week is all it can be,just like it has been for the last 2 years I couldn't believe my ears,but I also couldn't stop jerking off watching them fuck,it was so exciting,she was cummming so much,way more than she ever did with me. But I didn't mention a word about what i've seen,and since then i've seen her fuck 10 different men,on many,many occasions,but those stories will have to wait. My cock was so hard watching this,I slowly unzipped and pulled it,and was pulling on it to match him stroke for stroke,when suddenly she slid off of him and got on all fours,he got up behind her,that's when I saw who it was,one of her ex's Howard,his dick was every bit of 10s long

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