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#263031 - >Mmmmm, this tastes pretty good, Vanna said after taking a nibble on the pork roast she had just removed from the oven, I hope Mike likes it, it's one of her favorites!!! Mike, that was just a shortened version for Michelle, but calling her that even by mistake sometimes cause her to fly off into a rage!!! Vanna was going about the business of preparing the rest of the evening meal when she heard the front door of the apartment opening!!! Is that you, Mike, she called form the kitchen, I'm out here in the kitchen, supper will be ready in about ten minutes!!! Clad in a flannel work shirt, blue jeans, and heavy work boots, Mike appeared in the kitchen door and growled, Get me a beer, I'm fucking beat!!! Vanna went to the fridge and pulled out a long neck bottle of Budweiser and handed it to her tough looking room mate while saying, Rough day, huh!?! The fucking worst, that ass hole Parker had me hauling cement all day when he knew my hamstring was still sore,

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