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#243259 - Needless to say he got the job and after three months they could afford a bigger apartment with a yard, Kelvin of course got a dog and I was the only guest at the house warming barbecue The dog comes running over to me with a ball in his mouth, I take it and throw it as Kelvin checks on the fire, he gives it a few pokes with an iron and the fire collapses, sending sparks up into the air. I was walking past the apartments when I heard a guy calling my name, I looked up from my cellphone and there was Kelvin, standing at the gate and looking very happy to see me, I greeted him and he motioned me over, I glued a fake smile on my face and walked over, he shook my hand, it felt like taking grip on a snake and he started babbling about how long it's been since he saw me and how good it was to see me again, I wondered what she saw in him, he surely wasn't one of the brightest and was starting to get a bit chubby. I stay deep inside her, my cock pumping my balls' contents i


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Awaki musujime
I would worship her eternal
Aoi kiriya
If she sucks his dick he will have a spicy noodle