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#152724 - Part II I remember it was a very warm day, I was walking towards the beach carrying a cooler full of drinks, drinking water and a couple of beers for my parents, I was still grasping with the facts of what just had happened, I couldn’t believe it!!, I didn’t feel bad about, didn’t feel remorse or anything like that, I felt good, I felt like I was shinning, it was very hard to describe… As soon as I put the cooler on the sand under the umbrella Jessica was asking me about why I always slept till late and never came early to the beach, I just ignored her, my mind was somewhere else, I was thinking about my morning shower with my sister and about everything I had done, and also everything that had been done to me, most important if it would happened again??, I had to talk to Kat about it, see what she had to say about it . Finally at the store Kat and me were alone, I told her once again about my plans for the night, I told her without bullshit and completely speaking out of my heart

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