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#26968 - When he saw how Harry was taking his time with Ginny, he backed off of his ravenous assault on Hermione, slowing himself down to enjoy a more leisurely feast of the beautiful brunette who was so deliciously offering herself to him. Harry could feel Ginny’s breathing quicken by the breast he still held in his hand, and he bit his lip to muffle a groan as he gazed at Hermione’s chocolate covered snatch while Ron moved into position and began to clean the gooey substance from her delectable folds with his tongue. Hermione had begun to move over Ron, leaning forward so that her nipples taunted his lips each time she rose up to slide his cock nearly out of her, then again as she slammed herself back down it’s length so that the tip rubbed across just the right spot inside her to make her ache for more.

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