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#314037 - Sue looked stunning, her young figure making the most of the see though top and short skirt showing of her lines, her high heels made her legs longer than ever, I kissed her as she walked in, her hands went right to my naked ass and gripped me tight as her tongue found its way into my mouth. I gave Rose a wink, with that she sat on Gary's face, his mouth on her clit, as she kept him busy I said hi and went down sucking his cock, Grant knew what to do, as he came up behind me and took over sucking Gary. Around 6pm the guys started to turn up, each stripping and joining in with us, by now we all had every hole filled and spare cocks left, so it was no surprise to see Grant lift his ass and take a nice stiff cock, Sue stopped to watch as Grant took it all and pushed back for more, quickly she moved under him sucking his cock while his ass was fucked hard.

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Agrias oaks
Id like to do the same things 3
Que peitos meu sonho e chupar eles gostosa safada que te fazer gozar