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#192539 - One of the pictures: the woman was sucking her dog’s cock. Like with the dog it was an entry, its cock filling our cunt, slipping and nuzzling against our cunt walls, sliding, stroking, a churning rhythm building feelings in our bodies, rising from the fucking of our cunts, our ears numbing, tongues thick, our breath gone and our loins spasmodically bucking leaving our bodies aching for more, for more…then collapsing or passing out: in an orgasmic ecstasy, orgasm in all its splendid essence, “a little death” that was to die for! I was hot just thinking about it as we got in my room. The days moved slowly…very, and hoping for family to go to town which they did, leaving the three of us (and dog) to play.

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Meimi haneoka
By the gods so would i
Black girls hit me up i love you all
Ritsu kageyama