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#177657 - The device began to explain the blue substance has everything her body will ever need and then some. The device began to speak again, “If you need to use the bath room simply touch the highlighted area on the wall to your left” with that a door shaped area of the wall to her left began to glow blue with the letters “BR” on it. It went into further detail but it was mostly about the chemicals and nutritional facts about the meals she was going to be given and details on how to operate the wrist device but she couldn’t manage to turn it on, Supposedly she could see her vitals with it and her organ function but no go, it wouldn’t activate and the screen remained blank.

Read Gays 一次成功而失败的实验 Peruana 一次成功而失败的实验

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Maki nishikino
Ain t no faking that big o
Rinko iori
Man said et phoning home
Minoru kokubunji
This women is the best
I always wanted to be a stripper but its much easier doing porn lol