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#107648 - I pick her up and use the wall as support as I slowly fuck her agenst the wall she starts scratching my back again as she says she’s getting close to another orgasm as I push harder and harder with each time she squeezes me tight with her legs and lets out a loud scream of pleasure and she starts breathing really hard so I lay down with her on top of me as she lays on top of me with my cock still deep inside her and the water from the shower head still beating down on us she sits up and starts to slowly gyrate her hips and starts going up and down before I flip us over so I’m on top now as I start to feel my own orgasm start to build up she starts moaning she’s getting close again and with that I start pushing harder as she starts to shudder with another orgasm it results in making me cum as I lay down next to her and hold her tight agenst me and I whisper in her ear “that was wonderful I think I love you” and with that we both gently drift off to sleep with the shower still running.

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