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#293271 - I drove away and Brian said he would love to fuck that sometime I laughed and said yea like you got something to satisfy her with, he grabbed his crotch and said he had enough to satisfy her and me, I laughed really hard at that. I was in heaven as he rolled me over he never pulled out that was a task in itself but as he began fucking me picking up his speed and thrust I started jacking my dick and making loud noises of pleasure and telling him to fuck me harder, I could feel my limits being stretched and I knew it wouldn’t be long I was about to shoot the biggest load of my life all over both of us, as I came and my ass was squeezing Brian’s dick he went over the edge and busted his load in my ass it was so warm up in me and he just keeps pumping, his dick never went soft and he just kept going and with the extra lube now he was pounding my ass as hard as he could and I was enjoying every second of it and then I saw this look on his face and I could feel he dick get bigger inside me

Read Gay Oralsex 1-nenjuu Hatsujou Yaritagari Bunny Girl! Gangbang 1-nenjuu Hatsujou Yaritagari Bunny Girl!

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