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#5623 - We finished our chips and l took the wrappers to the bin and before carrying on our journey home my wife wanted to vaipe so we stood at the front of the car the bloke parked next to us got out and began chatting then came over and stood by my wife, he spoke mainly to her, l couldn’t help notice his eyes fixed on her cleavage and nicely tanned legs due to her wearing a short skirt as just coming from the beach. I could see she was excited by what had happened in the carpark, she knocked back a few doubles then pointed out it was late we should be going home, l was disappointed as seeing her wanking those guys off nearly had me spunking in my trousers then at the car she asked if we could stop at the carpark because it was on our way home. As we tucked into our chips and battered sausage, my wife and l both noticed men walking very close to the car trying to look in, l kidded we had stopped at a dogging site which turned out to be a true statement that we found out later.

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Elucia de lute ima
Great hentai guys
Jesus christ that music