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#376105 - As I walked to the front desk the cum run down my legs, the owner thanked me for a good fuck, I told him I’d be back tomorrow too, so he should drop be earlier and fist me too, with that he told me that I could get in free whenever I wanted, my last words were, see you at 12 tomorrow. At one time when I needed a rest I took them to the showers, kneeling down Jim was first to let them know what I wanted, most of them followed his lead, I had a few feed my mouth others more than happy to piss over my body or face, then we showered and went back to the mirror room. He was good, fucking with a lot of energy, my mouth once more busy sucking a new cock, I also saw another guy standing of watching, it didn’t take long, my butt filled with cum, as soon as his cock stopped twitching, he went down sucking his own cum from my ass, this he brought up for me to eat, once dry I told him to fist my ass and open me right up.

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